Yasuni, ITT was a project of Ecuador’s government since 2007 to 2013 Let´s remember that Yasuni was going to be exploited anyway but it was Rafael Correa who propose it conservation, and it was our goal to collaborate with what we have but just a few of us did it, just a few carry about it. It was just a fashion instant and if we don´t care about our country now how we spec the worlds support. Money is not compensated, but we eat, we wear, we need health and we need studies and for that we need resources and money is achieved in this way.

Money is not everything in this live but if we wouldn’t have salaries, how we would live? The government has done many things and de-privatizaded public services. Now we have a consent government.

Go to the point that this government has seen the changes and who don´t like it? Those who fall are injured, business closed and schools with profit objectives. Some people seriously live with base salaries and families of 7. They´re hopeful on public services because no one care about them. Ecuadorian have something wrong, we have a penny and believe as upper class. It´s an insult and irresponsible lie what groups have always positioned as many young people fall… Yasuni or oil? This false dilemma of all or nothing. Yasuni will live! We need to overcome poverty, we have to build hospitals, adequate schools, housing, ensure that each region for essential public service. Poverty decrease with good decisions, maybe Yasuni won’t be exploited now, but it will! We can´t live just saying poor animals, poor plant, poor nothing! Poor Ecuadorians living in poverty and without service. Some of you want to keep them in this situation.

We have that sensitivity of fresh air, our flora and fauna but let me give you some examples. Norway is an oil country and is one of the best caring natures. Canada is a mining country and has the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet. We want to preserve nature but also want to end the misery. I want to conclude by saying that Ecuador, need Economic resources for the needs of citizens. We have the crude product but we sell it and buy it more expensive. If we produce we have jobs, we have the staff so we should be the most producer. Just an example… Ecuador has the best cacao in the world, but the best chocolates are Swiss. Throughout the years we have demonstrated our love for Yasuni. Its integrity and wonder. That last forever but also responsibly leveraging its subsoil resources for the service of all Ecuadorians.

The progress isn´t an accident, it´s a necessity. A part of nature

Victoria Suarez